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Marston & Langinger offers four ranges of furniture for garden rooms and terraces - Cabinetry, Wrought Metal, Victoriana Wire and Traditional Willow. All are classic designs and made to order to your personal specification. All furniture can be painted in any Marston & Langinger colour and finished with beautiful hand-made cushions or, in the case of tables and cabinets, topped with a choice of stone, marble, timber or glass.

We invite you to our showroom in London to view examples and configure your furniture, choosing from our large selection of colours, textiles and materials. 

The Marston & Langinger design service means there is no need to search for furniture that matches or fits - we will create exactly what you would like. With our superb paints, you will be able to achieve a perfect match with your room decor too. 

All Marston & Langinger furniture is made to last so if, in the future, you would like to remodel and change colour scheme, we can restore, repaint and reupholster.