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Garden Rooms

Conservatories were devised for the preservation of tender plants in winter but since the eighteenth century when glass ceased to be a luxury and large windows and glazed roofs became feasible, they have become so much more. 

At their zenith in Victorian times, conservatories were engineering and technological marvels. Inspired by the beauty and wonder, not to mention the architectural quality of historic winter gardens, Marston & Langinger led a revival in the 1970s. 

Today we meld the very best of traditional craftsmanship - the techniques and standards that have enabled Victorian architecture to outlive younger buildings - with modern energy efficiency, security and comfort. 

At Marston & Langinger you will discover a rare combination of talent and ability: a depth of architectural knowledge and artistic vision; and craftsmen with extraordinary skills and technical know-how.

Together we create the most remarkable garden rooms. The creative process, from the first pencil stroke, will be your fascinating journey.