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The perfect formula

Marston & Langinger creates the most magnificent garden rooms in the world, constructed at longitudes from Scandinavia to South America, in urban and coastal regions. With hundreds, sometimes thousands, of man-hours invested in the beautiful timber frames and roofs, an extraordinary coating is required to protect and enhance them. That coating is Marston & Langinger Exterior Eggshell, developed by leading marine coating experts.

The same uncompromising attention was given to interior finishes for framework and walls: Marston & Langinger Interior Eggshell and Chalky Interior Matt

The three Marston & Langinger paint types all possess five very important characteristics:

• Powerful chroma - strong pigments for a beguiling depth of colour
• Ease of application - a perfect finish, even for the less gifted painter!
• Maintainability - readily cleanable or retouchable
• Durable - incredibly long lasting
• Environmentally friendly - carries the Nordic Swan mark

Available in 84 beautful colours, and three sizes of tin: 1L, 2.5L and 5L.